8-19 April 2022

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Ticket Terms and Conditions

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW
ABN 69 793 644 351

Ticket Redemption

  • For further travel information visit www.trasnportnsw.info. For full conditions visit www.eastershow.com.au

  • You agree to adhere to the “Conditions of Entry to Sydney Showground” and any special conditions relating to the event which can be found at eastershow.com.au

  • You may be photographed or filmed and you consent to be monitored by the venue and Sydney Olympic Park security cameras for the safety and security of all individuals

  • The venue may at their sole discretion: a) reserve all rights to change the advertised program or access to certain areas: b) may search you, confiscate items, refuse admission or eject you; c) may not allow recording devices and cameras; d) may refuse entry for damaged or defaced tickets.

  • Unless allowed by law, you are not able to exchange or refund this ticket, or sell or offer for resale for profit. Ticket selling legislation can impose criminal penalties. Further, you may only purchase this ticket as a non-commercial consumer for your non-commercial, personal use. You must not purchase or use this ticket in a commercial capacity in any way (including but not limited to offering the tickets as prizes/gifts in consumer promotion/raffle/competition) without obtaining prior written consent from RAS. If this occurs, you or subsequent ticket holder may be refused entry and the ticket cancelled.

  • You enter the Showground at your own risk

  • This pass does not include travel on public transport.  For more details on public transport options visit transportnsw.info