1-12 April 2021

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Jonesy and Amanda's JAM Bag (WSFM)


Stand Numbers: 4

What’s included:
  • 1x WSFM Canvas Duffle Bag $40.00
  • 1x WSFM Bluetooth Speaker $30.00
  • 1x WSFM Cap $25.00
  • 1x WSFM Jonesy & Amanda Yoyo $10.00
  • 1x WSFM Jonesy & Amanda Car Window Sticker $5.00
  • 1x Metis Daily Solution Invigorate Body Wash 50ml $3.95
  • 1x Red Bull Editions 250ml $3.59
  • 1x Extra White Soft Chew Spearmint 22g $2.00
  • 1x Eclipse Peppermint Mints 3 Pack 51g $4.00
  • 1x Ryvita THINS Cheddar & Cracked Black Pepper Flatbreads 125g $4.00
  • 1x Kellogg's LCMs Poppers Chocolatey 100g $4.00
  • 1x Go Natural Lentil & Chickpea Probiotic Chips 100g $5.00
  • 1x Arnold's Farm Snack Bar $0.83
  • 1x Kellogg's Sultana Bran Buds 30g $1.00
  • 1x Bay Vista Dessert Bar and Café Voucher $10.00
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Total Retail Value: $148.37

The content of this bag is subject to availability and may change without notice. The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW accepts no liability, to a maximum extent permissible by law, arising from any fault or defect in any showbag content.