12-23 April 2019

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Ag Bag (available from the Home & Lifestyle Pavilion, Members Stand, Horse Pavilion and Sheep Pavilion)


What’s included:
  • 1x SunRice MWR Brown Medium Grain Rice 250g $2.50
  • 1x SunRice Mini Bites Scary Salt & Vinegar 20g $0.62
  • 1x Australian Country Magazine 350gm $8.95
  • 1x Australian Homes Magazine 350gm $7.95
  • 1x Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh Bites 145g $3.70
  • 1x Carmen's Salted Caramel Nut Butter Gourmet Protein Bar 40g $1.12
  • 2x Staminade Lemon Lime Sachets 22.75g per sachet $1.00
  • 1x Australian Made Bumper Sticker & Flyer 5g $1.00
  • 1x Mary Macks batter 150g $2.50
  • 1x Beneficial Insect Mix 10g $4.00
  • 1x WIZZ FIZZ Sherbet Confectionary (12.5gms) $0.60
  • 1x Corn Thins Corn Cakes Original 22g $0.80
  • 1x King Pop Corn (Popcorn 20g) $0.60
  • 1x Saxby's Fizz Drinks (330ml a variety of flavours) (or 375ml Ginger Beer) $3.50
  • 1x The Healthy Baker flour 500g $3.00
  • 1x RAS Times Magazine 135g $5.95
  • 1x RAS Junior Magazine $4.95
  • 1x Chai Shots 10 x 8g $5.99
  • 1x Sticker/Promotional Item in Ag Bag "Thank a Farmer" $0.60
  • 1x Landcare Tree Seeds Sticks $2.50
  • 1x Albury Envirobags Calico $4.00
Total Retail Value: $66.83

The content of this bag is subject to availability and may change without notice. The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW accepts no liability, to a maximum extent permissible by law, arising from any fault or defect in any showbag content.