1-12 April 2021

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Little Hands on the Land

Where: The Paddock
There's a kid-sized working farm in The Paddock teaching kids the crop-to-shop agriculture story.

There's a kid-sized working farm in The Paddock teaching kids the crop-to-shop agriculture story.

Little Hands on the Land is a free activity that takes children aged 2-10 on a journey through 10 stations including a chook shed, fruit orchard, tractor pull and more before they get to the farmer’s market to trade their produce for farm dollars. Their hard-earned farm dollars can be spent at the last station – the supermarket.


Station 1 The Homestead

To start your adventure shop to crop,

Take a bucket, pop on an apron and then off you hop.

Collecting lots of things along the way,

You’ll be quite busy working on the land today.


Station 2. Chook Shed. You'll collect one egg in this shed.

Check the box that's straw lined,

In this nest an "egg" you'll find.

Put just one in your bucket and off you scoot,

Next stop is to pick some fruit.


Station 3. Strawberry Patch. Find one juicy red strawberry.

Pick a bright red strawberry from the patch,

Ripe and juicy the perfect match.

Put it in your bucket and then walk straight ahead,

And make your way into the horse shed.


Station 4. Horse Shed. Here we groom our pony's tails.

Clip a lead on your horse before giving him a treat

Then brush out his tail, smooth and neat.

Add some extra treats to your bucket, then quick, out the door,

Go to the patch with the vegies that bunnies adore.


Station 5. Vegie Patch. Dig yourself up a carrot or potato.

Potatoes and carrots everywhere.

Dig one out of the dirt with care.

Hold it up and give it a brush.

Better get going, you're in a rush.


Station 6. Cow Shed. Milk the cow and put a bottle in your bucket. 

Take your turn to milk the "cow".

Could you do it? Take a bow.

Collect a bottle to sell at the market.

Does everything still fit in your bucket?


Station 7. Flowers for bees. Collect some pollen thanks to your bee.

Help the honey bee meet the flower,

bees need pollen as their super power.

Dip him down, he just needs one go

And put the pollen in the bucket, don't be slow


Station 8. Pony Barrel Race. Take a ride on a pony.

Ride your "pony" around the track.

Go 'round the barrel and then race back.

Feed your pony some pretend hay.

You have to go, but here he'll stay.


Station 9. Outback Tractor Pull. Drive one lap around the track!

Drive your tractor with your feet.

Around the course you can't be beat.

Better find a place to park it,

It's time to head to the farmers' market.


Station 10. Farmers Market. All your goods need to go in their own baskets.

Take all the things you found on the land,

Put them in the bins to give us a hand.

Now you get "farm dollars" to spend,

When you reach The Shop at the end.


Station 11. The Supermarket. Buy yourself a healthy treat, and wash your farmer's hands before you eat!

Thank you for visiting Little Hands on the Land.

Now our farmers' journey you understand.

You've worked very hard on the land today,

So buy a treat with "farm dollars", hip, hip hooray!

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