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RESI the Kitten Steals Free Ride into the 2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show from Victoria

Posted on : 30 March 2018

Among the hundreds of thousands who have entered the gates at the Sydney Royal Easter Show already in the past week is one who wasn’t meant to.

As the dairy cattle were being “bumped in” to the cattle pavilion, marking the start of week two of The Show after the departure of the beef breeds, a tiny ‘stowaway’ was discovered on a vehicle which had just arrived from country Victoria.

A kitten who the Easter Show vets estimate to be around four weeks old was tucked up in amongst hay bales on a cattle trailer which had travelled from Invergordon northeast of Shepparton in northern Victoria.

The female kitten was found by breeder Callum McPhee;

“I was just pulling bales off the trailer, then I saw it, it looked at me and meowed. I just thought “what the hell are you doing here?”

“I called someone else over and just said “hey, look at this”, he said.

The kitten was quickly checked over by RAS vets and then taken into care by the RAS’ Manager of Venue Operations, Dora Rosa.

After a feed of formula the kitten, who Dora has given the name RESI (as in Royal Easter Show), was taken to her home on the conclusion of Day 7 of the Show.

Dora says she will offer RESI to a family who will take good care of him.

RESI was a non-paying guest amongst the more than 50,000 who visited the Show yesterday.

Today it is estimated more than 115,000 (humans) will scan their way into the Show, many of them taking advantage of discounted tickets after 4pm for the evening program.

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